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Eli Ruiz

Govee 50' RGBIC Permanent Outdoor Lights

Govee 50' RGBIC Permanent Outdoor Lights

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Festive RGBIC Lighting: Choose from 72 scene modes and 16 million colors to light up house with Easter decorations for every occasion. It is recommended that the total length after adding extension lights should not exceed 147.6ft/45m.Eye-Catching Lighting Effects: The lens design reveals a unique triangular lighting effect. The wall washing depth is greater than 16 inches, while the brightness of each light is 26 lumens. Install the lights 2-4 inches away from the wall surface.Outdoor Durability: Added anti-UV material, the outdoor lights are IP67 waterproof with IP65 Rated Control Box and Adapter. Year-round Easter decor can use for up to 50,000 hours and work in bad weather from -4掳F to 140掳F(-20掳C-60掳C). Simple Installation: Must use provided VHB glue and clips to install each Easter permanent light in 8 seconds. Splice through waterproof joints every 16.4ft and install them on eaves. Please note that govee outdoor lights cannot be cut.Smart App and Voice Control: Use Govee Home App to control colors of each Easter light independently and set timer function to light up your house at night. Pair Easter decor with Alexa and Google Assistant for smart voice control.

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