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Eli Ruiz

Grey Goose Essences Strawberry & Lemongrass Vodka (750 ml)

Grey Goose Essences Strawberry & Lemongrass Vodka (750 ml)

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The ingredients for Grey Goose are column-distilled in a plant located in the same area. The fermentable sugars are created by breaking down the carbs with enzymes, and this process is carried out constantly throughout six cascading tanks. After that, the wash goes through a five-step process to be distilled once into spirit. The spring water of Gensac-La-Pallue, rich in calcium, is extracted 150 meters beneath the Cognac blending factory. To add even more flavor, the spirit is filtered via a copper filtration system. The distillation is delivered to a facility in Cognac, France, which is used only to bottle Grey Goose. The resulting spirit is then bottled at 80 proof, corked, and thinned with spring water.

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